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The Primary system to any required system is the 5 S Principles, without this as a FOUNDATION, all other systems becomes difficult to implement and maintain. “If you can’t do the 5S’s; you can’t do the other work.” (Takashi Osada)

WORD of ADVICE: Yes, you can implement your required systems without FIRST implementing the 5 S Principles; but to your detriment; having to inevitably implement the 5S principles later.

What our business offers in the way of systems and its implementation is as follows:

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): a recommended prerequisite to 5S principles and its implementation


GMP Training Material


5 S System

  • S1 – SEIRI: Getting rid of the unnecessary by sorting and discarding
  • S2 – SEISO: Cleaning up the workplace by Shining and Inspecting
  • S3 – SEITON: A place for everything and everything in its place
  • S4 – SEIKETSU: Setting standards to Simplify and Standardise
  • S5 – SHITSUKE: Maintaining / Sustaing standards by being DISCIPLINED

Though S5 is the last of the S’s, it is primarily the First. Without the necessary DISIPLINE, one is doomed for FAILURE. “The company that is doing BADLY is doing the 5S’s BADLY.” (Takashi Osada)

To ensure that the necessary DISCIPLINE is instilled, staff have to undergo GMP training (Good Manufacturing Practices), which is applicable to any and all industries.

Quality Systems:

For information related to quality systems: See “Other Services ” page.