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Questions to the WORLD CLASS LEADERS

This Blog: “QUESTIONS TO THE WORLD CLASS LEADERS” is inspired by MENTORS and COACHES I receive inspiration from. These (in no particular order) are not limited to but include authors of the likes of:

J.C.Maxwell; Stephen R. Covey; Creflo Dollar; Myles Munroe; L.B. Jones; John Hagee; Rick Warren; Ron Carpenter; Warren Hunter; T.D.Jakes; Meredith Belbin


Lets get Started:

    1. How many of your activities are predicted on getting ahead?
    2. How and when have you turned back to help someone across the finish line?
    1. What or who would you consider as your greatest accomplishments?
    2. If the Bottom-line was not YOUR priority – what would you change?
  • Are you considerate of your team at all times?
    1. Have you made a commitment to consider your staff – no matter what?
    2. Has there been a time when you have opened a door to another person / group that had previously been shut?
    3. Have you been able to trust even when there have been separations – lack of communications, disagreements, etc.
  • Having staff – a gift
    1. Do you treasure your staff as gifts?
    2. Do you treat them as gifts – valuable?
    3. Can you list one aspect of each of your staff that shows that they were hand-picked for your greatest need?
    4. Do you address your staff the same way you would a friend and or a customer?
    5. Can you list one aspect of each of your staff, that shows that they were hand-picked to bring you joy?
  • Are you willing to take everyone to the top with you?
    1. How many are you willing to take with you on the road to success?
    2. Does your action plan include those people?
    3. Are they aware of it?
  • Are your staff members thinking of you when you are not around?
    1. What are some of the bonding rituals or activities in your group?
    2. Are these rituals official or unofficial?
    3. What tangible things have you given your people to remember you by?
  • Is goodwill on your agenda / list of priorities?
    1. What would change in your dealings with people if you considered / presumed their goodwill?
    2. Does your point of view affect your staff / colleagues, and how?